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   Into The Wild (Penn 2007)

Film/Discussion Topics/Reading Assignments

Read Into The Wild (1996) by Jon Krakauer Free Online

Paper 3-Final-Into The Wild (25 points)

This paper is exactly like your second paper, except that you are asked to write a longer and more detailed analysis, and that you are required to include a literary component, Jon Krakauer's book, to your paper in order to address the "Literature" part of the course's title as Professor McBride has been attempting all semester.     Choose a minimum of 3 stylized moments from Sean Penn's film and analyze them using film language, with respect to the entire movie. Use the literary component as additional support for your argument; this is not a book report, you should use the book to analyze the movie--a minimum of four words quoted in your paper from your chosen text.

I am asking you to analyze a minimum of 3 stylized sequences, just as you did with the shower scene in Psycho and Life Lessons , and then to discuss an aspect(s) of Krakauer's book to help you with the final part of the paper, the final analyzing of what it means.  It is vital that you don't just point out how the book is different and leave it at that; what does this tell us about the meaning of the movie? Be specific, prove your points with film language, and demonstrate that you have learned something from the course. I will certainly grade this paper more rigorously than the others as I will expect that you have become proficient at analyzing style by this point.