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An On-Line Glossary of Film Style

& Its Metaphors

faux raccord-literally a "false echo." When a diegetic sound from the upcoming scene "bleeds" into or echoes forward into the current scene as a seemingly non-diegetic interruption.

Examples of stylized faux raccord

Taxi Driver taxi.gif (37507 bytes)(Scorcese 1976)


Description: When gunshots are heard over the slowdancing to "HOLD ME CLOSE" (Music by Bernard Herrmann, Lyrics by Keith Addis) of Sport (Harvey Keitel) and Iris (Jody Foster), then cut to Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) shooting at a paper-human target at the firing range.

Significance: Travis desires to separate the young prostitute from her pimp and foreshadows his doing so through handgun violence, despite the apparent happiness and affection between the couple. This stylized sequence can be cited to support the argument that Iris is content, cared for, and does not wish to be "rescued" by Travis, thus undercutting his "heroism" and sympathetic persona.