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Modern Global

ENG 255



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WARNING: The content of the books, films and lectures in this class
are designed for mature audiences only. If issues of race, sex, violence,
class, drugs, terrorism, profanity or politics cause you discomfort or upset,
please consider enrolling in a different class.

I Reserve the right to amend this syllabus. Continue to consult this site
and "Announcements" in Blackboard throughout the semester.

Log into iCampus, click on Blackboard's ENG 255 Spring Session to find
announcements, assignments, media, submit papers/postings, etc.

All required texts are to be read in their original language (ideally) or any translation you can find. Preferred renderings are listed below.

Weekly posts (minimum 500 words) for credit must be posted by
midnight Friday 15 x 2 points each = 30 points

Class participation/preparedness = 10 points

1st close reading essay due 3/3 5pm = 25 points (prompt to follow)

Final research essay due 5/3 = 35 points (prompt to follow)

Course Format
Seminar/discussion. Students will: 
1) post by Friday 11:59pm 500 word mimimum responses to readings/lectures/discussion via BlackBoard; 
2) write an 1500 word minimum interpretive essay on one of the plays scheduled for the early part of the semester due 3/3 5 pm
Thesis Statements due 4/12 5pm in Blackboad;
4) write a final 2500 word minimum research paper due 5/3 @ 5pm

All work to be submitted in Blackboard

Students may not choose those assignments (regardless of the point
value) they wish to complete.
All Responses and the 2 assigned essays must be completed on time.



Comparative study of significant texts of modern global literature.

We will meditate upon and interrogate notions of coming into being through language, coming “of age,”
and coming to “terms” with our ontological, aesthetic, and political positions in the new millennium by
closely reading the following Western global literary output from the last two centuries, roughly in the order they will read us:

DeFoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe [1719]

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Die Lieden des jungen Werthers. The Sufferings of Young Werther. [1774]

Chamisso, Adelbert von. Peter Schlemihl. [1814]
Goncharov, Ivan Aleksandrovich. Oblomov. [1859]
Sacher-Masoch, Leopold Von. Venus in Furs. [Venus im Pelz 1870]Trans. David Magarshack;

Gilles Deleuze. Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty. [1967]
Collodi, Carlos. Pinocchio: Storia di un Burrantino [1882/1944]
LaFargue, Paul. The Right To Be Lazy/La Droit a la Paresse. [1883]
Kafka, Franz. In der Strafkolonie/In the Penal Colony 1901. “The Metamorphosis” “Die Verwandlung” [1915] Trans. Len Bracken

Proust, Marcel. Du Cote de Chez Swann. Swann's Way [1913]
Beckett, Samuel. How It Is. [1964] [Comment C’est, 1961]

Garcia-Marquez. Cien anos de soledad [1967]/100 Years of Solitude. [1970]
Wolf, Christa. Nachdenken uber Christa T. [1968]. The Quest for Christa T. [1970]
Marcus, Greil. Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the Twentieth Century. [1990]

Palahniuk, Chuck. Fight Club [1996]