Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 9, Year of publication: 1996, ISBN: 0-922279-09-8
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 239 pages
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Do the Hot Dogs Taste Better When the Home Team Wins?
        Richard S. Lapidus and John A. Schibrowsky

Customer Satisfaction and the Prediction of Behavior in a Hypothetical Context
        James H. Drew and Tina M. Bronkhorst

Understanding Soldiers' Responses to Product Dissatisfaction in Field Training Environments
        Teresa N. Malafi

Redress Seeking as Planned Behavior
        Robert East

Trigger Events: Exploring the Relationships Between Critical Events and Consumers' Evaluations, Standards, Emotions, Values and Behavior
        Sarah Fisher Gardial, Daniel J. Flint and Robert B. Woodruff

"Clout" and "Vulnerability" in Retail Choice: Modeling Competitive Effects of Performance Perception, Satisfaction, and Intention
        James B. Wiley and Paul D. Larson

Comparing the Communication Characteristics of High Competence and Low Competence Customer Service Representatives
        Dennis E. Garrett, Renee A. Meyers and Lee West

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Level of Satisfaction and Processing Intensity
        Robert D. Mackoy, Richard A. Spreng and Gilbert D. Harrell

Customer (Dis)Satisfaction and Delays: The Robust Negative Effects of Service Delays
        Richard A. Feinberg, Richard Widdows and Robert Steidle

Roles of Normative and Predictive Expectations in Evaluation of Pharmacist Consultation Services
        Jon C. Schommer

The Influence of Relational Norms and Trust on Customer Satisfaction in Interfirm Exchange Relationships
        William R. Doucette

The Role of Product/Service Experience in the Satisfaction Formation Process: A Test of Moderation
        Marcy J. Morgan, Jill S. Attaway and Mitch Griffin

Assessing the Reliability and Validity of Joint Satisfaction Measures in the Context of a Syncratic Decision
        Hudson P. Rogers, Reginald M. Peytonn and Robert L. Berl

New Insights Into CS/D From A Literary Analysis of Tom Wolfe's The Bonfire of the Vanities
        Newell D. Wright, Val Larsen and Roger Higgs

Are Satisfaction and Dissonance the Same Construct? A Preliminary Analysis
        Jillian C. Sweeney, Geoffrey N. Soutar and Lester W. Johnson

Accounts in Post-Purchase Behavior: Excuses, Justifications and Meta-Accounts
        David J. Burns and Debra S. Perkins

The Reliability of Difference Scores: A Re-Examination
        Jyh-shen Chiou and Richard A. Spreng

Impact of Social Comparisons on Material Satisfaction: The Role of Similarity
        Ramesh Venkat and Harold J. Ogden

Satisfaction with Homeownership: An Evolutionary Process
        Newell D. Wright

Customer Perception of Quality of Service and Response to the Complaint- Handling Process of a Rental Car Company
        Annemarie Walsh

Effect of Demographic Variables on Self Concept of Positive and Negative Word-of-Mouth
        Sally L. Fails and Sally K. Francis

Consumer Satisfaction with Marketing Education: Extending Services Theory to Academic Practice
        Steven A. Taylor

Effects of Dissatisfying Experiences on Repatronage Intentions and Negative Word-of-Mouth Behavior of University Students
        Robert E. Wright, Debra Perkins, Sean Alston, Shon Heitzig, Jennifer Meyer-Smith and John C. Palmer

UK Retail Consumers - Are They Being Served?
        Christopher M. J. Moore, Gillian A. Maxwell and Paul E. Barron