Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 8, Year of publication: 1995, ISBN: 0-922279-08-X
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 238 pages
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The Industrial Buyer Complaint Process: An Ethnography of Finding and Fixing Vendor Mistakes
        John E. Swan, Thomas L. Powers and Scott W. Hansen

A Proposed Framework for Exploring Comparison Standards at Various Stages of the Business-to-Business Relationship Evolution
        Michael S. Garver and Daniel J. Flint

Focal Brand Experience and Product-Based Norms as Moderators in the Satisfaction Formation Process
        Paul G. Patterson and Lester W. Johnson

The Convergence of Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality Evaluations with Increasing Customer Patronage
        Pratibha A. Dabholkar

Integrating Service Quality and Satisfaction: Pain in the Neck or Marketing Opportunity?
        Jose Bloemer and Ko de Ruyter

The Dimensionality of Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction: An Empirical Examination
        Robert D. Mackoy and Richard A. Spreng

Consumer Complaints as Market Intelligence: Orienting Context and Conceptual Framework
        Chickery J. Kasouf, Kevin G. Celuch and Jeffrey C. Strieter

Consumer Satisfaction and Students: Some Pitfalls of Being Customer Driven
        Richard W. Olshavsky and Richard A. Spreng

Hysteresis in Buyer Attitude Toward Repeated Transactions
        Harold J. Ogden and Ronald E. Turner

Customer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior in the Gaining Industry
        J. Kent Pinney, William N. Thompson and Larry A. Strate

Consumer Satisfaction with Primary Care Physicians in a Managed Care Health Benefits Plan
        Jane Kolodinsky

Consumer Durable Goods: A Review of Post-Purchase Issues
        Alan S. Dick, Douglas R. Hausknecht and William L. Wilkie

The Effects of Information Valence and Consistency and Product Type on Consumer Satisfaction
        Donna J. Hill and Maryon F. King

The Marketing Concept and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Examination of Customer Service, Financial Performance, and Integrated Effort
        Newell D. Wright and James W. Pearce

The Relative Influence of Affective and Cognitive Factors in Determining Service Encounter Satisfaction
        Rama K. Jayanti

Emotion, Coping and Complaining Propensity Following a Dissatisfactory Service Encounter
        Beth F. Godwin, Paul G. Patterson and Lester W. Johnson

Satisfaction Work in an Emergency Situation: The Case of the Philadelphia 911 Calls
        Richard Parker, Anita Pomerantz and B. J. Fehr

Consumer-Defined Service Expectations and Post Purchase Dissatisfaction in Moderately-Priced Restaurants: A Cross-National Study
        Ko de Ruyter, Debra S. Perkins and Martin Wetzels

Consumer Satisfaction and the Marketing of Voluntarism: The Case of Appalachian Mountain Housing
        Newell D. Wright, Val Larsen and Roger Higgs

The Role of Product Type and Consumer Fashion Involvement in Clothing Satisfaction
        Keum-Hee Hong and Margaret Rucker

Fit of Women's Jeans: An Exploratory Study Using Disconfirmation Paradigm
        Marianne C. Bickle, Antigone Kotsiopolus, Merry Jo Dallas and Molly Eckman

Memory-Work: An Alternative Approach to Investigating Consumer Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction of Clothing Retail Encounters
        Lorraine A. Friend and Amy Rummel

Determinants of Technology Licensee's Satisfaction: An Empirical Investigation
        Shenzhao Fu and Debra S. Perkins

Level of Involvement in Relation to Satisfaction with a Student-Owned Dining Facility
        Carol C. Caughey, Dian A. Nafis and Sally K. Francis