Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 7, Year of publication: 1994, ISBN: 0-922279-07-1
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 270 pages
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The Effects of Perceived Justice on Complainants' Repatronage Intentions and Negative Word-of-Mouth Behavior
        Jeffrey G. Blodgett

Do Shoppers Avoid Service Delay?
        Robert East,Wendy Lomax, Gill Willson and Patricia Harris

Using Customer Satisfaction Data to Improve Service Operations
        James H. Drew

Determinants of Industrial Purchaser Delivery Service Expectations and Satisfaction: An Ethnography
        John E. Swan and I. Fredrick Trawick

CS/D&CB '93 Practitioners' Panel Presentations
        David W. Schumann and J. Robert Graves

Explaining Patient Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction in High Blood Pressure Prescription Drug Market: An Application of Equity Theory and Disconfirmation Paradigm
        Dev S. Pathak, Suzan Kucukarslan and Richard Segal

Patients' Satisfaction with Pharmacist Consultation Services: Application of a Model of Service Encounter Evaluation
        Jon C. Schommer and Joseph B. Wiederholt

The Pharmaceutical Market's Complaining Process: An Application of Hirschman's Theory to a Public Policy Problem
        Suzan Kucukarslan and Dev S. Pathak

Incident-Based Measurement of Patient Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction: A Dutch Case
        Ko de Ruyter and Norbert Scholl

How Length of Patronage Affects the Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Repurchase Intention
        Roland T. Rust and David C. Williams

A Reassessment of the Reliability of Difference Scores in the Measurement of Disconfirmation of Expectations
        Richard A. Spreng

The Influence of Emotions on Satisfaction with Movie Consumption
        Yves Evrard and Philippe Aurier

Modeling Perceived Service Quality Using Different Comparison Standards
        Veronica Li1jander

Excuse Making: A Prevalent Company Response to Complaints?
        Robert Baer and Donna J. Hill

The Impact of Satisfaction on Brand Loyalty: Urging n Classifying Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty
        Jose M. M. Bloemer and Hans D. P. Kasper

Does Customer Satisfaction Predict Shopper Intentions?
        Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Dayle I. Thorpe

An Empirical Comparison of Alternative Conceptualizations of Postconsumption Reactions
        Barry J. Babin, Mitch Griffin and William R. Darden

Customer Satisfaction with Clothing Disposition
        Sally K. Francis and Sara L. Butler

Predicting the Consumer Complaint Behaviors in Food Service: An Empirical Test of Two Alternative Models
        Dong Hwan Lee and Orose Leelakulthanit

Customers' Overall Satisfaction with Services by Retailer Type: A Function of Individual Characteristics and Expected Ideal Levels of Services
        Marianne C. Bickle and Soyeon Shim

Consumer Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction in Estonia?
        Marje Josing and Eivind Sto

Consumer Satisfaction with In-Store Information Programs
        Mary L. Carsky and Edward F. Fern

A Comparative Analysis of the Predictive Validity of Two Consumption Emotion Scales in a Real Estate Context
        Susan Carley, William Forrester and Manfred Maute

Responses to Dissatisfaction: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
        Peter V. Raven and Ellen R. Foxman

Assertion and Attention to Social Comparison Information as Influences on Consumer Complaint Intentions
        Mark Slama and Kevin Celuch

Exploring Self (Dis) Satisfaction as an Outcome of Product Use Experience
        Mary Jane Burns

National Character and Purchase Dissatisfaction Response
        Jen-Hung Huang

Extensions of the Hirschman Model: When Voice and Exit Don't Tell the Whole Story
        Jonathan C. Huefner and H. Keith Hunt