Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 6, Year of publication: 1993, ISBN: 0-922279-06-3
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 279 pages
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Developing and Applying Consumer Satisfaction Research: Implications for Future Research
        Robert Woodruff

Profiles of Customer Emotions and Satisfaction in Ownership and Usage
        Richard L. Oliver and Robert A. Westbrook

Consumer Satisfaction Research: 1983-1992 - Accomplishments and Future Directions
        John E. Swan and I. Fredrick Trawick, Jr.

Integration, Model Development and Behavioral Advice: Three Directions for Satisfaction Research
        Donald H. Granbois

CS/D&CB Research Suggestions and Observations for the 1990's
        H. Keith Hunt

Customer Satisfaction /Service Quality Research: The Defense Logistics Agency
        John T. Mentzer, Carol D. Bienstock and Kenneth B. Kahn

The Impact of Perceived Value on Consumer Satisfaction
        Richard A. Spreng, Andrea L. Dixon and Richard W. Olshavsky

Exploring the Concept of Retrieved Expectations
        Diane Halstead

Comparison Standards: Exploring Their Variety and the Circumstances Surrounding Their Use
        Sarah Fisher Gardial, Robert B. Woodruff, Mary Jane Burns, David W. Schumann and Scott Clemons

Word-of-Mouth in Consumer Decision-Making: An Agenda for Research
        Stephen S. Tax, Murali Chandrashekaran and Tim Christiansen

Social Influence and the Decision to Complain: Investigations on the Role of Advice
        Theresa N. Malafi, Marie A. Cini, Sarah L. Taub and Jennifer Bertolami

Disconfirmation of Expectations and the Gap Model of Service Quality: An Integrated Paradigm
        Paul G. Patterson and Lester W. Johnson

The Effects of Distributive and Interactional Justice on Complainants' Repatronage Intention and Negative Word-of-Mouth Intentions
        Jeffrey G. Blodgett and Steven S. Tax

Some Consumption Orientations Associated with Propensity to Complain
        Richard Parker, G. Ray Funkhouser and Anindya Chatterjee

Different Comparison Standards as Determinants of Service Quality
        Veronica Liljander and Tore Strandvik

Evaluating the Impact of Service Quality Disconfirmations on Store Choice
        James B. Wiley and Paul D. Larson

The Citizen's Charter: The United Kingdom's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction in the Public Service Sector
        J. Kent Pinney

Materialism and Life Satisfaction: A Meta-Analysis
        Newell D. Wright and Val Larsen

Determinants of Consumers' Satisfaction with Service: A Preliminary Study
        Mengkuan Lai and Richard Widdows

Consumer Complaint Behaviors of Market Mavens
        Mark Slama, Marianne D'Onofrio and Kevin Celuch

Consumer Satisfaction with Available Selection for Those Who Wear Different-Size Maternity Wear
        Janine W. Manley and Rinn M. Cloud

Assessing Satisfaction with the University Experience: An International Perspective
        Richard S. Lapidus and Jacqueline J. Brown

TV Shopping in Scandinavia: Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
        Toni Benterud and Eivind Sto

POSTDIS: A Short Rating Scale for Measuring Postpurchase Dissonance
        Cameron Montgomery and James H. Barnes

Bibliography Extension
        Debra Perkins