Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 5, Year of publication: 1992, ISBN: 0-922279-05-5
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 232 pages
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The Effects Of Satisfaction And Complaining Behavior On Consumer Repurchase Intentions
        Diane Halstead and Thomas J. Page, Jr.

Measurement And Evaluation Of Satisfaction Processes In A Dyadic Setting
        Hudson P. Rogers, Reginald M. Peyton and Robert L. Berl

Estimating Models Of Determination Of Consumer Satisfaction: An Alternative Approach
        Denyse Laberge Dagenais and Carole P. Duhaime

A System For Estimating Complaints, Complaint Resolution, And Subsequent Purchases Of Professional And Personal Services
        Jane Kolodinsky

A Desires-As-Standard Model Of Consumer Satisfaction: Implications For Measuring Satisfaction
        Richard A. Spreng and Richard W. Olshavsky

Consumer Decision Making Following A Failed Service Encounter: A Pilot Study
        Stephen S. Tax and Murali Chandrashekaran

Satisfaction Work: The Joint Production Of Patient Satisfaction By Health Care Providers And Patients
        John Swan

Personal Values And Purchase Dissatisfaction Response
        John C. Rogers, Steven C. Ross and Terrell G. Williams

Toward An Integrated Conceptual Model Of Consumer Complaining Behavior
        Jeffrey G. Blodgett and Donald H. Granbois

A Comparison Of Current Models Of Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction
        Sunil Erevelles and Clark Leavitt

The Effects Of Denominational Dissatisfaction And Anomie On Involvement And Complaint Intentions: An Exploratory Model For Religious Services
        Brent G. Goff and Manton C. Gibbs

Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction And Advertising Complaints
        Eivind Sto and Sidsel Glefjell

Product Satisfaction Explained By Satisfaction And Complaints Regarding Product Characteristics
        Noreen M. Ackerman and Leona K. Hawks

Effect OF Disconfirmed Expectancy Oil Consumer Attributions: A Study Of Durable Products
        A. K. Srivastava

Effect Of Clothing Interest On Clothing Deprivation/Dissatisfaction
        Sally K. Francis

Intrinsic Cues As Predictors Of Perceived Quality Of Apparel
        Ann Marie Fiore and Mary Lynn Damhorst

A Study Of Consumer Complaining Behavior: VCR Owners In Puerto Rico
        William M. Strahle, Sigfredo A. Hernandez, Hector L. Garcia and Robert C. Sorensen

Differentiation Of Satisfied Users And Dissatisfied Users Of In-Home Electronic Shopping Mode: An Exploratory Study
        Soyeon Shim and Marianne Y. Mahoney

Hispanic Consumer Attitudes Toward Occupational Service Providers: Satist'liction, Quality, And Selection Criteria
        Katherine V. Diaz-Knauf, Howard G. Schutz and Roberta Y. Almeida

A&B Telemarketing: A Case Study In Consumer Dissatisfaction And Complaining Behavior
        James Kent Pinney and Larry Strate

Roots: A Folk History Of The Consumer Satisfaction Literature
        Ralph L. Day and Debra S. Perkins

Brand and Store Avoidance: The Behavioral Expression Of Dissatisfaction
        Jonathan C. Huefner and H. Keith Hunt