Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 4, Year of publication: 1991, ISBN: 0-922279-04-7
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 228 pages
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A Theoretical Framework For Modeling Consumers' Response To Marketplace Dissatisfaction
        Jagdip Singh and Robert E. Wilkes

Post-Consumption Emotions: Exploring Their Emergence And Determinants
        Thomas E. Muller, David K. Tse and Ramesh Venkatasubramaniam

The Structure Of Customer Satisfaction: Effects Of Survey Measurement
        James H. Drew and Ruth N. Bolton

Effects Of Response Delay On The Quality Of Satisfaction Data In Mail Surveys
        William R. Forrester, Jr. and Manfred F. Maute

Treating Consumer Depression To Create Infiniti Potential
        Andy R. McGill

Examining Consumer Losses And Dissatisfaction Due To Broken Sales And Service Agreements
        Alex Simonson

Interactive Complaint Communication: A Theoretical Framework And Research Agenda
        Dennis E. Garrett, Renee A. Meyers and John Carney

Manufacturers' Concern For Product Risks After The Sale: Do Product Recalls Really Cause Consumers' Dissatisfaction?
        Dirk Standop

Patient Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction And Post-Exchange Actions In The High-Blood Pressure Prescription Drug Market: A Preliminary Report
        Deepak Sirdeshmukh, Dev S. Pathak, Susan Kucukarslan, Richard Segal, Karen L. Kier and Sheri L. Aversa

A Two-Step Model Of Satisfaction With Public Transportation
        Yves Evrard

The Standards Issue In CS/D Research: A Historical Perspective
        Robert B. Woodruff, D. Scott Clemons, David W. Schumann, Sarah F. Gardial and Mary Jane Burns

Intensity Of Dissatisfaction And Consumer Complaint Behaviors
        Ved Prakash

Factors Associated With Service Delay In Supermarkets And Post Office's
        Robert East, Wendy Lomax and Will Willson

An Equity Model Of Consumer Response To Waiting Time
        Cathy Goodwin, Kelly L. Smith and Bronislaw J. Verhage

Effect Of User Orientation On Disconfirmation Processing
        Sally K. Francis and Beverly Browne

The Impact Of Social Influence On Consumer Complaint Behavior
        Teresa N. Malafi

The Decision Making Process Or Cancer Patients: Through A Model Still More Clearly
        James Kent Pinney

Homeowner Satisfaction
        Douglas Hausknecht and James R. Webb

Consumer Interaction Styles And Purchase Complaint Intentions
        Mark E. Slama and Terrell G. Williams

The Role Of Situational Variables In Consumer Choice Satisfaction
        Gail Tom, Stoakley Swanson, Bruce McElroy and Jenney Lim

Complaining And Praising In Non-Profit Exchanges: When Satisfaction Matters Less
        Dianne S. P. Cermak, Karen Maru File and Russ Alan Prince

Frequency Of Use And Level Of Satisfaction With Rainchiecks
        J. Patrick Kelly, Jonathan C. Huefner and H. Keith Hunt

A Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction And Complaining Behavior Bibliography: 1982-1990
        Debra S. Perkins