Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 3, Year of publication: 1990, ISBN: 0-922279-03-9
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 122 pages
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Measurement Scales In Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction
        Douglas R. Hausknecht

The Dissatisfaction And Complaining Behavior Of Vulnerable Consumers
        Alan R. Andreasen and Jean Manning

Locus Of Control, Fatalism, And Responses To Dissatisfaction: A Pilot Study
        Ellen R. Foxman, Peter V. Raven and Donald E Stem, Jr.

The Customer Satisfaction Feedback Look For Local Telephone Service
        James H. Drew and Ruth N. Bolton

Investigations Of The Social Determinants Of Consumer Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction
        Richard Vezina and Francesco M. Nicosia

The Relationship Between Overall Dealer Satisfaction, Satisfaction With The Attributes Of Dealer Service, Intended Dealer Loyalty And Intended Brand Loyalty: A Dutch Automobile Case
        Jose Bloemer, Hans Kasper and Jos Lemmink

Consumer Dissatisfaction In Growing Senior Markets
        Mona Doyle

Consumer Problems And Satisfaction In A Retail Setting
        Valerie Schouten and W. Fred van Raaij

An Integrated Model Of Consumer Complaint Action Applied To Services: A Pilot Study
        Jane Kolodinsky and John Aleong

Consumer Personal Values As Antecedents To Dyadic And Third Party Public Consumer Complaining Behavior: An Exploratory Study
        John C. Rogers and Terrell G. Williams

An Analysis Of The Social Aspects of Complaint Reporting: A Survey of VCR Owners
        Robert C. Sorensen and William M. Strahle

The Complaining Process In Norway: Five Steps To Justice
        Eivind Sto and Sidsel Glefjell

Dimensions Of Possession Satisfaction: A Preliminary Analysis
        Cliff Scott and William J. Lundstrom

Attributing Performance Discrepancy: Dimensions, Causes and Effects
        David K. Tse

Myth And Reality In Customer Service: Good AND Bad Service Sometimes Leads To Repurchase
        Richard A. Feinberg, Richard Widdows, Marlaya Hirsh-Wyncott and Charles Trappey

Consumer Grudge Holding: An Empirical Analysis Of Mother and Daughter Consumers
        Sally Francis and Leslie L. Davis

Customer Grudgeholding: Further Conceptualizations and Analysis
        H. David Hunt and H. Keith Hunt