Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 2, Year of publication: 1989, ISBN: 0-922279-02-0
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 123 pages
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Processing Of The Satisfaction Response In Consumption: A Suggested Framework And Research Propositions
        Richard L. Oliver

Expectations And Disconfirmation Beliefs As Predictors Of Consumer Satisfaction, Repurchase Intention, And Complaining Behavior: An Empirical Study
        Diane Halstead

An Elaboration Likelihood Model Explanation Of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction And Complaining Behavior
        Jeff A. Kasmer

Measurement Instrument Development Using Two Competing Concepts Of Customer Satisfaction
        Ann R. Cooper, M. Bixby Cooper and Dale F. Duhan

Constrained Satisfaction: Legal Constraints Upon Consumer Behavior In The Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages And Implications For Public Policy
        James Kent Pinney, Larry Strate, and Leonard E. Goodall

The Illusion Of Consumer Satisfaction
Jose M. M. Bloemer and Theo B. C. Poiesz

A "Desires As Standard" Model Of Consumer Satisfaction
        Richard W. Olshavsky and Richard A. Spreng

Guilt As An Antecedent To The Consumer Evaluation Process In The Services Context
        Claire P. Bolfing and Andrew M. Forman

Effect Of Consumer Socialization On Clothing Satisfaction
        Sally Francis and Leslie L. Davis

Consumer Satisfaction /Dissatisfaction With Rainchecks
        J. Patrick Kelly, Hugh Cannon and H. Keith Hunt

From Involvement To Satisfaction In Media Consumption
        Yves Evrard

Delays In Service Encounters As Sources Of Customer Dissatisfaction
        Laurette Dube-Rioux, Bernd H. Schmitt and France Leclerc

A Study On The Consumer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction With The Bus System In The People's Republic Of China
        Dong Whan Lee and Hans B. Thorelli

Salient Dimensions Of Perceived Fairness In Resolution Of Service Complaints
        Cathy Goodwin and Ivan Ross

Consumer Behavior And Product Safety: The Case Of Risk Compensation By Dissatisfied Consumers
        Dirk Standop

An Investigation Of The Effect Of Lifestyle, Sex Roles, And Demographics On The Complaining Behavior Of New Zealand Women
        William Strahle, Michael Duffy and Ralph L. Day

Moderating The Effects Of Point Of Sale Information And Consumer Satisfaction
        Mary L. Carksy

Explaining Queueing Behavior
        Robert East