Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume 17, Year of publication: 2004, ISBN: 0-922279-17-9
ISSN: 0899-8620,Paperbound, 181 pages
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A Dozen Problems with Applied Customer Measurement
      Doug Grisaffe

Patient as a Source of Recommendation and its Influence on Another Patient's Loyalty to the Physician: An Exploratory Empirical Study
      Pradeep B. Salgaonkar and Nandakumar Mekoth

Dismantling "Positive Affect" and its Effects on Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Examination of Customer Joy in a Service Encounter
      Magnus Soderland and Sara Rosengren

When Consumers Get Upset: Modeling the Cost of Store Avoidance
Sean D. Otto, Brian L. Parry, Collin R. Payne, Jonathan C. Huefner and H. Keith Hunt

Creating Value for Online Shoppers: Implications for Satisfaction and Loyalty
      Eun-Ju Lee and Jeffrey W. Overby

e-Consumer Complaints about On-Line Stores
      V. Aslihan Nasir

The Frequency and Distribution of Better Business Bureau Complaints: An Analysis Based on Exchange Transactions
Dennis E. Garrett

Numbers Versus Words: A Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative Data onSatisfaction with Complaint Resolution Efforts
      Jeanne M. Hogarth and Marianne A. Hilgert

Dissatisfaction and Distrust
      Mary FitzPatrick, Lorraine Friend and Carolyn Costley

Application of Research on Consumer Complaint Rates to the Estimation of the Financial Impact of Prospective Product Defects
      Gary T. Ford, David T. Scheffman and David A. Weiskopf

Premium Price Blues: Customers Voicing Price Complaints, Buying and Not Buying
      Warren S. Martin and John E. Swan

Post Purchase Behavioral Intentions: An Empirical Study of Dissatisfied Retail Consumers in Mexico
      Mariana Hernandez and Douglas L. Fugate

An Empirical Test of Contingency Theory
      Barbara A. Carroll