Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume 16, Year of publication: 2003
ISBN: 0-922279-16-0, ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 248 pages
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A Study in Business-to-Business Complaining Behavior: Yellow Pages Advertisers
      James H. Drew, D. R. Mani, Piew Datta, Jeffrey Howard and Shad Griffin

The Impact of Instruction Understanding on Satisfaction and Switching Intentions
      Michael A. Jones, Valerie A. Taylor, Richard C. Becherer and Diane Halstead

An Exploratory Investigation into the Antecedents of Satisfaction, Brand Attitude, and Loyalty within the (B2B) eCRM Industry
      Steven A. Taylor and Gary Hunter

Justice-based Service Recovery Expectations: Measurement and Antecedents
      Chi Kim (Bennett) Yim, Flora Fang Gu, Kimmy Wa Chan and David K. Tse

Behavioral Intentions in Satisfaction Research Revisited
      Magnus Söderlund and Niclas Öhman

Have You Heard the Word? The Effect of Word of Mouth on Perceived Justice, Satisfaction and Repurchase Intentions Following Complaint Handling
      Moshe Davidow

Disconfirmed Expectations Theory of Consumer Satisfaction: An Examination of Representational and Response Language Effects
      R. Kenneth Teas and Kay M. Palan

The Impact of E-Services Failures and Customer Complaints on Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management
      Yooncheong Cho, Il Im and Roxanne Hiltz

A Conceptual Look at the Influence of Relationship Structure on the Disconfirmation Process in a Business-to-Business Context
      Susan L. Golicic, S. Allen Broyles and Robert B. Woodruff

An Effort Model of First-Stage Complaining Behavior
      John W. Huppertz

Situational Characteristics as Moderators of the Satisfaction-Loyalty Link: An Investigation in a Business-to-Business Context
      Florian v. Wangenheim

Compensatory Satisfaction: An Ethnography of Avoiding Disappointment and Producing Satisfaction in Birding
      John E. Swan, Warren S. Martin and I. Fredrick Trawick, Jr.

Factors that Influence a Consumer Complainer's Rating of Service Received from a Third Party Complaint-Handling Agency - The Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs
      Wendy Reiboldt

Consumer's Experiences, Opinions, Attitudes, Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Complaining Behavior with Vending Machines
      Dong Hwan Lee

Measuring Affective Response to Consumption using Rasch Modeling
      Alexandra Ganglmair and Rob Lawson

The Nature of the Importance-Satisfaction Relationship in Ratings: Evidence from the Normative Data of the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
      Michael J. Roszkowski

Events of 9/11/2001: Crisis and Consumer Dissatisfaction Response Styles
      Heidi Rottier, Donna J. Hill, Jay Carlson, Mitch Griffin, Edward Bond, Chad Autry and Michelle Bobbitt

Satisfaction with Tours of a Frank Lloyd Wright Building
      Carol C. Caughey and Victoria Douglass

The Complaining Customer: A Service Provider's Best Friend
      Gillian Naylor