Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 12, Year of publication: 1999, ISBN: 0-922279-12-8
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 189 pages
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Making Purchases Within and Outside of Embedded Markets: High Lifetime Value Customers in the Parisian Marketplace
        Newell D. Wright, Robert N. Horn and Val Larsen

Cathartic Complaining as a Means of Reducing Consumer Dissatisfaction
        Prashanth U. Nyer

The Effectiveness of Compensation Given to Complaining Consumers: Is More Better?
        Dennis E. Garrett

The Effect of Simplifying the Complaint Process: A Field Experiment with the Better Business Bureau
        Deborah L. Owens and Douglas R. Hausknecht

Customer Delight: The Beat of a Different Drummer
        Jacqueline A. Williams and Helen H. Anderson

Deep, Soulful Satisfaction
        Jeffrey F. Durgee

Delight on the Nile: An Ethnography of Experiences that Produce Delight
        John E. Swan and I. Fredrick Trawick, Jr,

Delighting the Senior Tourist
        Gael Astic and Thomas E. Muller

A Contingency Framework of Satisfaction Formation
        Jyh-shen Chiou

Changes in Pre- and Post-Purchase Evaluative Criteria: Exploring the Impact on Consumer (Dis)Satisfaction
        Kimberly A. Taylor and Mary Jane Burns

Perceived Performance in Satisfaction Research
        Richard A. Spreng

Involvement with Services: An Empirical Replication and Extension of Zaichkowsky's Personal Involvement Inventory
        Kevin Celuch and Steven A. Taylor

Service Evaluation and Switching Behavior for Experiential Services: An Empirical Test of Gender Differences within a Broader Conceptual Framework
        Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Simon Walls

Patterns of Customer Exit in a Contract-Based Subscription Service
        James Drew, D. R. Mani, Andrew Betz and Piew Datta

Consumer Coping Strategies with Dissatisfactory Service Encounters: A Preliminary Investigation
        Beth F. Godwin, Paul G. Patterson and Lester W. Johnson

An Exploratory Study of Exit Behavior and the Appearance of Retail Stores
        Carol C. Caughey, Sally K Francis and Virajada Buasri

Why Do They Whine?: An Examination into the Determinants of Negative and Positive Word-of-Mouth
        Gillian Naylor

Elders' Satisfaction with Community Based Health Care Services
        Jane Kolodinsky and Lee Shirey

Reactions to and Retaliation against Unsolicited E-mail (SPAM): A Case Study
        Newell D. Wright, Val Larsen and Claire P. Bolfing