Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 11, Year of publication: 1998, ISBN: 0-922279-11-X
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 215 pages
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Confounds in the Measurement of Predictive Expectations
        Richard A. Spreng, Robert D. Mackoy and Cornelia Droge

Reference and Memory in Customer Satisfaction Studies
        James H. Drew

Service Quality Measures: A Test of Convergent Validity and Trait-Method Effects
        James M. Tolliver, Robert W. Armstrong and Daniel F. Coleman

Comparison Standards in Consumer Satisfaction Formation: Involvement and Product Experience as Potential Moderators
        Jong-Won Park and Jiho Choi

The Influence of Affective State on Satisfaction Ratings
        Beverly K. Brockman

Affective Responses Towards Service Providers: A Categorization Theory Perspective
        Rama K. Jayanti

The Effects of Satisfaction and Consumption Emotion on Actual Purchasing Behavior: An Exploratory Study
        Prashanth U. Nyer

The Effect of Intensity of Dissatisfaction on Complaining Behaviour
        Robert Johnston

Explaining Brand Loyalty, Dealer Sales Loyalty and Dealer After-Sales Loyalty: The Influence of Satisfaction with the Car, Satisfaction with the Sales Service and Satisfaction with the After-Sales Service
        Josee M. M. Bloemer and Koen H. Pauwels

The Effects of Organizational Complaint Responses on Consumer Satisfaction, Word of Mouth Activity and Repurchase Intentions
        Moshe Davidow and James H. Leigh

Satisfaction with Material Possessions and General Well-Being: The Role of Materialism
        M. Joseph Sirgy, Dong-Jin Lee, Val Larsen and Newell Wright

"After I Had Made the Decision, I...: " Toward a Scale to Measure Cognitive Dissonance
        Douglas R. Hausknecht, Jillian C. Sweeney, Geoffrey N. Soutar and Lester W. Johnson

Modeling the Impact of Retail Stockouts: Implications for Customer Satisfaction and Retention
        Carlo D. Smith

Towards a Comprehensive Taxonomy and Model of Consumer Complaining Behaviour
        Jonathan Boote

An Exploratory Study of International Student Satisfaction
        Mary L. Carsky and Susan Coleman

Toll-Free Customer Service Telephone Lines: Are They Accessible for Spanish-Speaking Consumers?
        Dennis E. Garrett, Carlos Torelli and Amy Olson Gunderson

Comparative Analysis of Dissatisfied Versus Satisfied Higher Income Hispanic Catalog Consumers: Shopping Orientation and Store Attributes
        Marianne C. Bickle, Molly Eckman and Antigone Kotsiopulos

Effect of Expectations on User Satisfaction with a Remodeled University Dining Facility
        Carol C. Caughey, Sally K Francis and Anka E. Kolodziej

Business Link: A Method for Examining Customer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction & Complaining Behaviour
        Susan J. Priest

Customer Satisfaction from a Supply Chain Perspective: An Evolutionary Process in Enhancing Channel Relationships
        Stanley E. Fawcett and Michael J. Swenson

An Integrative, Utility-Based Approach to Profitable Customer Takeaway in the Supply Chain
        Stanley E. Fawcett and Michael J. Swenson

Erratum. Customer Comment Cards in the Service Sector: An Empirical Investigation of Scope and Format
        Frederick B. Kraft and Charles L. Martin