Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 10, Year of publication: 1997, ISBN: 0-922279-10-1
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 184 pages
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Observations on Applied CS/D Research
       Robert A. Westbrook

Looking for Good Birds in Far Away and Near By Places: Variety-Seeking, Satisfaction and Enjoyment of Birding: An Ethnography
        John E. Swan and I. Fredrick Trawick, Jr.

The Effect of Product-Level Standards of Comparison on Consumer Satisfaction
        Joan L. Giese, Joseph A. Cote and Pamela W. Henderson

Promises, Promises: Industrial Buyer Satisfaction with Delivery Delays
        Harold J. Ogden and Ronald E. Turner

Evaluating Health Care Service Quality: The Moderating Role of Knowledge
        Ko de Ruyter and Josee Bloemer

Consumer Satisfaction with the Complaint Resolution Efforts of a U.S. Federal Agency
        Jeanne M. Hogarth and Maureen English

The Standards Issue: An Accessibility-Diagnosticity Perspective
        Paul V. Ngobo

Modeling the Cognitive Antecedents of Post-Consumption Emotions
        Prashanth U. Nyer

Taxonomy of Consumer Complaint Behavior: Replication and Extension
        Raymond R. Liu, Harry S. Watkins and Youjae Yi

A Visual Approach for Identifying Consumer Satisfaction Segments
        Hooman Estelami and Peter De Maeyer

Sex Differences and Consumer Complaints: Do Men and Women Communicate Differently When They Complain to Customer Service Representatives?
        Dennis E. Garrett, Renee A. Meyers and Lee West

Factors Influencing Consumer Satisfaction with a Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA)
        Jane M. Kolodinsky and Leslie L. Pelch

Customer Care, Customer Satisfaction, Value, Loyalty and Complaining Behavior: Validation in a UK University Setting
        Dave Webb and Abiodun Jagun

An Empirical Investigation of Scope and Format
        Frederic B. Kraft and Charles L. Martin

Consumers' Perceptions of the Usefulness of Company Complaint Information Provided by the Better Business Bureau
        James E. Fisher, Dennis E. Garrett and Mark J. Arnold

Complaining about the Alliance: Extending Kowalski's Theory of Complaining through a Hermeneutical Analysis of Online Complaining Data
        Newell D. Wright and Val Larsen