Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior
Volume: 1, Year of publication: 1988, ISBN: 0-922279-01-2
ISSN: 0899-8620, Paperbound, 118 pages
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An Extended Perspective On The Antecedents Of Satisfaction
        John R. Kennedy and Peter C. Thirkell

The Role Of Situational And Enduring Involvement In Post-Purchase Evaluation
        Marsha L. Richins and Peter H. Bloch

Effects Of Situational Involvement On Consumers' Use Of Standards In Satisf action/ Dissatisfaction Processes
        Claire P. Bolfing and Robert B. Woodruff

Emotional Measures Of Satisfaction /Dissatisfaction
        Doug Hausknecht

The Role Of Ego-Expressive Factors In The Consumer's Satisfaction With Price
        Robert M. Schindler

Consumer Satisfaction Related To Disconfirmation Of Expectations And Product Performance
        John E. Swan

Satisfaction: Its Correlates And Uncorrelates For Computer Owners
        Edward McQuarrie, Lynn Langmeyer and Daniel Langmeyer

Consumer Satisfaction With The Distribution System For Durable Product
        Carole P. Duhaime

Small Claims Court Litigant Satisfaction: It's How They Play The Game That Counts
        Howard G. Schutz and Roger Dickinson

Effect Of Women's Satisfaction With Career Dress On Willingness To Make Trade-Offs For More Sizing Options
        Janith S. Wright and Sally K. Francis

Dissatisfiers And Satisfiers: Suggestions From Consumer Complaints And Compliments
        Ernest R. Cadotte and Normand Turgeon

Negative Information At The Point Of Sale: Costs And Benefits To New Car Dealers
        Mary L. Carsky

How Many Lost Customers Have You Won Back Today?: An Aggressive Approach To Complaint Handling In The Hotel Industry
        Susan V. Morris

Complaint Management In The Health Care Organization
        Mary C. Gilly and William B. Stephenson

Intrachannel Complaining Behavior And Conflict
        Prem N. Shamdasani and Gary L. Frazier

Expert Audience Views Of Federal Regulation: Compliment And Complaint Behavior By Users Of The Calendar Of Federal Regulation
        Robert C. Haring

Consumer Use Of Product Information And Its Impact On Satisfaction Evaluation
        Donna Hill

Consumer Grudge Holding
        H. Keith Hunt, H. David Hunt and Tacy C. Hunt