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The Education Fallacy 

It has been my experience that students often misunderstand how the educational process operates. There are a variety of reasons for these misunderstandings, many of which are an outcome of how students are "trained" in pre-college programs. We will focus herein on a major fallacy that persists related to the value of a college degree. I call this the Education Fallacy (see the figure below).

  1. Students, when candid, will often express a belief that a college degree has a fixed value in the marketplace. That is, an accounting bachelor's degree is worth only so much, a marketing degree is worth only so much, etc. 
  2. Therefore, students often reason that the degree has a fixed value regardless of their own individual initiative and effort. 
  3. If the degree has a fixed value independent of their own efforts, it is IRRATIONAL to perform beyond the minimum requirements for any specific course or program of studies.