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Dr. Robert S. Nelson
Department of Geography-Geology
Illinois State University
Felmley Hall of Science Annex 443
Normal, IL  61790

E-Mail:  rsnelso@ilstu.edu
Phone:  (309) 438-7808

EarthScope (http://www.earthscope.org/) is the largest continental geology project ever funded by the National Science Foundation in partnership with the United States Geological Survey, and with the collaboration of UNVARCO Inc., Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (lRIS), and NASA. The initial 5 year (2003-2008) budget of $200 million was for construction of;  39 Advanced National Seismic System (Backbone) seismic station, 875 ultra-high resolution GPS Stations (Plate Boundary Observatories), 5 long-line laser strain meters stations and the purchase of 2,400 portable seismic stations (Transportable Array and Flex Array) (EarthScope is funded at about $12 million/year) The Transportable Array consists of 400 portable seismic stations in a 400-500 mile wide north-south rolling band. The Transportable Array is currently in Missouri and Illinois. The Flex Array is deployed in specific research projects. Central United States EarthScope is a collaborative workshop for middle and high school science teachers that  brings together the resources of a major research investigation (The Structure and Dynamics of the North American Craton -An EarthScope swath from the Ozarks to the Grenville Front funded by the National Science Foundation directed by Drs. Gary Pavlis and Michael Hamburger at Indiana University, with collaborators at Purdue University, the University of Illinois, The Indiana Geological Survey and the Illinois State Geological Survey) and Illinois EarthScope workshop for teachers funded by the United State Department of Education through the Illinois Board of Education. Illinois EarthScope is directed by Dr. Nelson at Illinois State University.   

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Application for the 2012 Workshop is Closed

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August 2008

Illinois Earthscope I pilot Teacher workshop
PowerPoint presented at
Geological Society of America Meeting in Portland Oregon, October 2009

Illinois EarthScope 2010

Geological Society of America Meeting in Denver, Colorado, November 2010

Illinois EarthScope Workshop 2011

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