This web site is the "Literature Search Home Page."
          It is dedicated to informing, providing examples, and expanding the awareness of literature searching.  Although it makes special reference to the college undergraduate curriculum, graduate students and other researchers will benefit.  This web site is an instructional tool for anyone teaching or engaging in literature searching.

          If you are new to this site, we ABSOLUTELY recommend you start here by reading my
Article about Literature Searching.

          That article includes an annotated example of a literature search entitled:
"The Results of a Search of the Scholarly Literature about the Teaching of Literature Searching, with Emphasis on English-speaking Undergraduate Education."

Additional Materials and Examples:

          Along with the article and annotated example, this web site provides numerous examples of literature searches done by my students in my course on the Geography of Latin America.   I have also given you copies of the various pages of support materials (such as a cover sheet and a grading rubric) to facilitate the inclusion of a literature search assignment into college courses.  None of the materials should be viewed as "gospel;" numerous different styles are evident in the examples.

        All of these are very good examples.  Please read at least 3 of them (with topics of your interest) to see a variety of acceptable styles.  The annotated ones could be particularly useful.

Annotated literature searches:
                Domestic Violence
                Firewood as an Energy Source
                Squatter Settlements-1977  See the updated literature search in the section below.
                Mentally Disabled
                Literature Searching
                Caves in Mexico

         Non-annotated literature searches:
        Two special ones that are presented as BOTH literature searches and as "term papers"
                      Teacher Education
                      Religion and Human Rights
                Hydroelectric Power in South America
                Underwater Resources
                Street Children
                Squatter Settlements-1996
                River Dolphins              
                Education in Rural Areas
                Internal Migration
                Paraguayan Indigenous Population
                Protection Policies
                Commercial Vegetable Production

            Sample topics:  This list shows the variety of topics used by students in Dr. Anderson's Latin America Geography class.

 Instructional Materials about Literature Searching

            What NOT to do:   These topics are OK, but the literature searches had some problems that you should review.
             Literacy of Indigenous Children
             Agrarian Reform in Brazil
             Public Transportation

          Materials to assist the students and professors:
            Worksheets:  Pages for class use.     
            Library Guide:  Example for Latin America.   [ Links to library guides for other fields can be listed here. ]

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