Juntos gasifiers and stoves

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(Prepared by Paul S. Anderson)
(Most recently up-dated in July 2003) 

            The Juntos gasifier stove is a current research and development and implementation project.  An introduction and short history of this stove technology is given in the one-page document:  “The Origins of the Juntos Gasifier Stoves.”

             The importance of this technology and some additional basic technical infromation is presented in the two-page document entitled: “The “Top-Lit Up-Draft – TLUD” Gasifier Technology for Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) and Thereby Avoid Lower Respiratory Infections (LRI).”

             Please note that ALL stoves involve the following four components:

1.  Fuels (the source of the energy)
One type of fuel is briquettes.

 2.  Combustion chamber(s) (the release of the energy as heat and light)
The Juntos stoves have two chambers:
The bottom is the “pyrolysis chamber” that is basically a metal (or clay?) container in which air (called primary air) enters the central fuel area from underneath a grate that supports the fuel.  The ones shown at _____ have 6 inch (15 cm) and 4 inch (10 cm) diameters, and can be of various heights, as long as the flow of primary air is not obstructed.  The fuel is ignited on the top of the column of fuel, basically creating smoke via the process of pyrolysis.

                        The second chamber is the “combustion chamber” where the hot pyrolysis gases (“smoke”) receive a flow of secondary air and is flammable.  The height is mainly to have an “internal chimney” so that the gases are completely combusted before passing through the 3-inch (7.5 cm) diameter “heat exit.”  Temperatures here have been measured at over 1700 degrees F (or over 800 degrees C).

 3.  Applications devices (the purposeful capture of the heat energy, as in a cooking pot)
Several application devices are shown in these pictures.
Applications includes the placing the physical components of the Juntos gasifier together in various configurations

4.  Human influences (individual and cultural preferences that impact the other components).

            (Being developed.)

             Some earlier discussions about the development of the Juntos gasifiers are found at: 

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