About the Study. This survey is part of an MBA student project for MQM 497 -  Research Methods at Illinois State University under the direction of Dr. Michael P. Dumler.  To ensure your anonymity, all of your answers are sent directly to the secure university database. This database is under the direct supervision of Dr. Dumler. Your completed survey answers will be only be seen by the research team. The results will be presented only to a Research Methods class at Illinois State University. Regardless of the situation, no individual responses will be identified on any of the questionnaires. If you wish to stop completing the survey at any time, please feel free to do so. 

Directions. We are interested in your views about online shopping behavior in your daily life. Please take your time but try not to linger on any one question, your first response to the question is usually your true belief. Additionally, you should take the questionnaire only once.

The questionnaire must be completed no later than April 20, 2006.

Thanks Again!

Please read each question carefully and indicate your response by selecting the most appropriate choice.


In general, you prefer to do your shopping of: (Select only one)

        Over the Internet        Over the Phone        In a Retail Store

1.   Groceries


2.   Fast food                                   


3.   Cosmetics  


4.   Books                                          

5.   CD/DVDs                                                                                                                           

6.   Toys                                             


7.   Furniture                                       

8.   Clothes                                                                                                                                

9.   Computer Products                     


10. Cinema/Concert/Theatre Ticket 


11. Airplane Tickets                          

12.  Jewelry                                                                                                                                
13. How often do you use the internet every day?  




Less than 1 hour  
1 -2 hours       
2-3 hours                          
3-4 hours
More than 4 hours
14. How often do you use Internet for information prior to a purchase?
Very often
15. How often do you use Internet for shopping?
Very often   


How often do you use the following World Wide Web Activities?


Never  Very Infrequently    Infrequently Occasionally Frequently  
 1  2  3  4     5
  1       2       3      4      5      

16.  Electronic newspaper or magazine                               


17. Gaming


18. Chatting


19. Research/education

20. Product/Service information                    

21. Shopping


22. Surfing

23. Communication via e-mail                    

24. Work/business

25. Assuming that you intend to conduct online shopping, which of these purchases would you make in the internet?



Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
Yes    No
CDs / Book
Cosmetic / Jewelry
Clothes / Shoes
Household furniture
Fast Food
Movies/theater/concert tickets
Electronic appliances
Computer products
Hotel reservation
Airline Tickets
Nutrition Related Products
Stocks/ Mutual Funds/ Bonds
26.   I have been using the WEB for  
Less than 1 year
1 to 2 year
2 to 3 year
More than 3 year
27.  How would you describe your proficiency on the   Internet.
Novice -just learning how to use internet
Intermediate -I feel comfortable when using internet
Advanced - I can use most or all internet services.
28.  Select an approximate maximum amount you would spend on a single online purchase:


Less than $20
21 - 60
61 - 100
101 - 140
141 - 180
181 - 220
221 & Above 
29. Select an approximate maximum amount you would spend per year on online purchase
Less than $100
101 - 500
501 - 1000
1001 - 1500
1501 - 2000
2001 - 2500
2500 & Above        
Please select your level of agreement to the following questions.


Strongly Disagree  Disagree Indifferent Agree Strongly Agree
 1  2  3  4     5


  1       2       3      4       5      

30. I think shopping on the internet saves time.                            


31. It is a great advantage to be able to shop at any time of the day on the internet.


32. It is more difficult to shop on the internet.


33. I prefer traditional/conventional shopping to online shopping.

34. Shopping online is risky.                    

35. I believe online shopping will eventually supersede traditional shopping.


36. I will prefer online shopping only if online prices are lower than actual price,

37. A long time is required for the delivery of products and services on the internet                    

38. Selection of goods available on the internet is very broad,


39. The description of products shown on the web sites are very accurate,


40. The information given about the products and services on the internet is sufficient.

41. Online shopping is as secure as traditional shopping,                    
42. While shopping online, I hesitate to give my credit card number,                    

43. Internet reduces the monetary costs of traditional shopping to a great extent (parking fees etc.)


44.  The fact that only those with a credit card or bank account can shop on the internet is a drawback,


45.   I would be frustrated about what to do if I am dissatisfied with a purchase made from the internet.


How important are the following factors in your decision to purchase goods from internet?


Very Unimportant  Unimportant Neither Important nor Unimportant Important Very Important
 1  2  3  4     5


  1       2       3      4       5      

46. Delivery time                    


47. Reputation of the company


48. Guarantees and Warrantees


49.  Privacy of the information

50.  Good description of goods.                    

51.  Security


52. Prices



How important are each of the following factors in refraining/keeping you from shopping on the internet.


Very Unimportant  Unimportant Neither Important nor Unimportant Important Very Important
 1  2  3  4     5


  1       2       3      4       5      

53. Waiting to receive the product                             


54.  Risk of credit card transactions


55.  Risk of identity theft                  


56.  Difficulty in returning products/items

57. Risk of not getting what I paid for                               

58. Risk of loss of privacy              


59. Not skillful  with internet

60. Lack of trustworthiness of Vendors                    

61. Complex compared to Traditional Shopping


63.  Not being able to touch products


64. More expensive than those sold in retail stores

65. I have undergone bad experience                    


66.  Gender:    Male                Female

67.  Age         years

68. Your education level



High School Diploma
Bachelors’ Degree
Master Degree    
PhD Degree    

69. Occupation




Undergraduate Student
Graduate student
University Staff


70. Annual Income



Less than $12,000.00
$12,001.00 to $24,000.00
$24,001.00 to $36,000.00
$36,001.00 to $48,000.00  
$48,001.00 to $60,000
$60,001.00 to $72,000 
$72,001.00 to $84,000   
More than $84,001.00


Thank you for your cooperation.