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Optional Features

The following are optional features that we can add to your organizational website to enhance its marketability and usabiilty.

  • Feed from ISU calendar
  • Site only event calendar/listing
  • Special Announcement area
  • Points of Pride rotating showcase area (such as Actuarial site, teacher ed, tutoring center, etc)
  • Award page for Students
  • Award page for Faculty and Staff
  • News/Announcement Feature with archive
  • Surveys and forms
    • Online applications
    • Room or equipment sign up forms
  • Faculty intranet
  • Syllabi tied to course listing and faculty listing
  • Course grades tied to course listing and faculty listing
  • Rotating area of ads for students on homepage (what can I do with math, what can I do with statistics, what can I do with biomath, etc)
  • Video Stream
  • Threaded Discussion Areas
  • Blogs & Podcasts
  • RSS feeds
  • Ties to expert/consultant clearinghouse