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Examples of Web site goals

The following are some basic goals that many organizational sites at the university look to include.

Attracting prospective students

  1. Showcase the benefits of coming to your department
  2. What makes this place unique
  3. What are the specializations
  4. Preview of what it would be like to attend her
    • Meet a current student
    • Meet an alumni
    • Brochures
    • Video
  5. Showcase opportunities for research
  6. Showcase RSO

Providing resources for current students

  1. Information they need to do their semesterly activities
    • Course listings
    • Course Schedules
    • Advising
    • Plans of Study
    • Checking grades
    • RSOs
  2. Forms
  3. Opportunities for building skills
    • Research Experience
    • Training experiences
  4. Connections to prospective employers
  5. Connections with alumni

Staying in touch with alumni

  1. Making the initial connection in order to maintain communication
    • Start with current students BEFORE they leave
    • Get a lifelong email or contact info
    • Have regular yearly activities
    • Have regular online activities
    • Invite them to stuff you already do (defenses, etc)
  2. Keeping them involved with departmental activities
  3. Connecting them with students

Attracting quality faculty

  1. Showcase uniqueness of your department
  2. Showcase specializations
  3. Showcase need for other areas you would LIKE to have
  4. Showcase how faculty are supported

Retaining quality faculty

  1. Connect with opportunities to improve skills
  2. Market via personal websites and intranet
  3. Intranet/CMS for shared documents, communication, etc