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Training at CAS-IT: TAP

One on One Support

Faculty Web Page Training

At CAS-IT: TAP we train faculty to set up their personal websites as well as to work as a content manager on their organizational sites. Our standard web editing software programs for organizational sites are Adobe DreamWeaver and Adobe Contribute. Faculty websites can utilize a myriad of programs including: Microsoft Expression Web Editor, Microsoft Sharepoint, Macromedia/Adobe DreamWeaver, Macromedia/Adobe Contribute, DotNetNuke, Plone, and Drupal.

Note: Microsoft no longer supports Frontpage. CAS-IT: TAP is working with faculty to convert their sites from Frontpage to another web editing program which is selected based on the client's needs.

Faculty Program Proficiency Training

Besides web editing software, CAS-IT: TAP also trains faculty on using applications such as the Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, scanning software, and video digitizing.

Most often, introductory classes are offered through the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (CTLT). It is recommended to use CTLT training for an introduction on these software applications. CAS-IT: TAP proficiency training is generally geared towards custom or applied skill training.

Small Group Traing at CAS-IT: TAP

Traditionally we offer one-on-one training with faculty but occasionally we do offer group training sessions on particular programs or processes. In the the past we have offered training on the following: Mallard Online Web Testing, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft PowerPoint, converting from Mac to Windows, ASP.NET, Intranet and Online Form Development, Select Survey, and Secure Posting of Grades Online.


Feel free peruse the CAS-IT: TAP collection of helpsheets for some of our more common applications.

Other Places To Get Training

Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology

CTLT provides video resources, workshops and short courses on how to utilize various software. Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT)

ISU Help Desk

Help desk (help sheets)

Manufacturer Training

Most software applications have online help systems. The easiest way to access this is click the help feature on your application (usually in your top menu bar). Hardware manufacturers also have online support.