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We have the greatest staff throughout the campus - without a doubt! Only the most talented cool people in the universe get to work here. If you question this, feel free to contact anyone on this page or check in with our CAS-IT: TAP alums. To learn about staff roles and our team composition, check out the project team roles. All job openings are posted at the ISU JOB SITE (search under LILT)

Check out CAS-IT: TAP Alumni to see what's happened to past staff members or to make contact.

Staff Member Specialization
Sarah Walczynski
CAS-IT: TAP Director
Sarah Walczynski.

Sarah Walczynski has managed CAS-IT: TAP since 1997. She is also the campus training coordinator of classroom repsonse systems (clickers) for the university. Sarah has a M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and her specialization is in web-based testing and training.

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Badri Rajagopalan
Assistant Director of CAS-IT

Badri Rajagopalan is the College of Arts & Sciences IT Assistant Director, and project manager. Badri has been at CAS-IT: TAP since 1998. He has his Masters in IT Project Management.

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Jim Kalmbach
CAS-IT: TAP Ambassador
Jim Kalmbach.

Jim is the Associate Chair in the English Department and is heavily involved in hypertext, technical writing, usability, and many aspects of the teaching and technology. He is a fountain of information and heavily relied upon during investigations and the development of new technologies implemented at this facility. He is also a spokesperson for good practices in technology and for that reason, he is the CAS-IT: TAP Ambassador.

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Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson joined LILT as a sophomore and is a Presidential Scholar.  He is dual majoring in Actuarial Science and ITK.

Ben Wiegel

Ben Wiegel joined us as a Junior Web Media Management and Graphic Design major out of the College of Fine Arts.

Rebecca Straple

Rebecca Straple  joined us as a Senior and has a double major in Publishing and Dance Performance. She is both a Presidential Scholar and a Bone Student Scholar.