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alumni @ CAS-IT: TAP

We try to stay in touch with all of our CAS-IT: TAP staffers who have graduated and moved on. Once in awhile we lose a few. I welcome all of you to check in with us and join us for our end of semester celebrations. For those of you who are thinking of working with us, please feel free to contact our ex-employees to get a realistic job preview. Also note that all of our CAS-IT: TAP alums have moved on to great things. We are proud of who they are!

Name Biography
Director - Dr. James Carter Jim Carter.

Jim was the Director of LILT since its inception. His tenure with us ended in August of 2003. Jim is still a consultant on the goals and future of LILT. We will all miss him.Dr. Jim Carter started working with computers in 1966 and has not quit since. He taught computer mapping and computer graphics and is still involved in Geographic Information Systems. His current focus is a weather course with more than 150 web pages built in WebCT. His goal is to make the technology available to all students and colleagues for the good of all.

Dr. Carter can be reached at

dr. carter's home page

Rakim Ahmed  
Al Otto
Al Otto.

Al was a new staff category for us. He was a faculty intern. He is an emeritus professor for the Mathematics Department who is our new video specialist. Al will be working on a LILT Promotional video as well as working with department chairs to create "welcome messages" for their marketing materials

Dr. Otto can be reached at

Kurt Bachtold

Kurt Bachtold is a Presidential Scholar who is starting his Service Learning Project at CAS-IT: TAP in the Spring 2008 semester and continuing into the summer.  He is a sophomore that is a Computer Science major and considering different specialization areas including Programming and Web Development...sounds like a great match for CAS-IT: TAP, eh?

Contact Kurt Bachtold

Tim Basham

Tim is now an Apple expert. He works for Apple and can be seen making cameo appearances at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL.

Kymber Berson

Kymber is talented both in html and technical writing. She also is a photographer and clothes designer. Since graduating in May of 2004, she has been freelancing for musicians as a photographer, making flyers, getting press kits together. She has also been working at a few different companies in the Chicago area including the Chicago Innerview, Anixter, and Hewitt Associates;. The Innerview is a well known monthly music magazine.

Kymber can be reached at

Stephanie Bodanyi Stephanie is an intern for the Spring 2008 semester and hails from the English Department.  She is a Publishing major who is doing technical writing, converting print to web documents, and learning all things tech.  She is also our buff stock room person who can lift 500lbs of paper and is working her way up to participate in the World's Strongest Intern Competition. She graduated in May 2008.
Jake Brownell

Jake joined LILT in the Spring 2007 semester as a Presidential Scholar working on an independent project and is now a staff member working on many aspects of web project implementation including programming, xhtml coding, accessibility, usability, and training. He is a Computer Science major. Jake graduated in Summer 2008.

Contact Jake Brownell

Aimee Bullinger

After working at LILT and IWSS as a graphic designer and web developer, Aimee graduated with an M.S. in English Studies from ISU in 2004. She is currently the Director of Technical Communications and a Performance Consultant at Hile Group, a consulting firm that works globally with major transportation industry companies to transform workers into effective leaders, build safety culture based on accountability and responsibility, and support individuals as they improve their work practices. Aimee uses her strong communication, writing, and visual skill sets to support the development of customers safety documentation and work practices. She has traveled the country as a consultant and is currently leading the development of a reporting system for a government project that transfers highly secure data. She is active in the Bloomington-Normal community by serving on several committees.

Aimee can be reached at

Jacob Degeal

As of Summer 2007 Jacob is working at Institutional Web Support Services at Illinois State University as a graphic artist.

Tom Dietrich

Tom can be reached at


Mike Dunn

As of 2007 Mike is working as a technical writer in Darien (Chicago suburb) for Healthation.
His title is technical writer, but it is closer to content management and very close to the archival work he did in DotNetNuke
at LILT.

He says that his experience with content management systems is what set him apart from the crowd and helped him to get his current job.

Andre Essaoulov

Andre currently lives in Champaign, Il.


Bryan Farris Bryan Farris is an intern from the School of Communication for the Spring 2008 semester.  His major is Mass Communication with a focus on Interactive Media.  Some of the goals we have for Bryan is to work on our Audio/Video helpsheets as well as create our podcasting training videos.  He will also get a taste of the LILT sample platter of projects including graphics, XHTML, CSS, and CMS. He is also the drummer in the band Coventry.  He graduated in May 2008.
Michelle Flugge  
Zach Gebhardt

Zach is a Political Science major and hails to us from the land of desktop support in the Sciences. He has expertise in hardware support and troubleshooting and is expanding his skills in web development.

Barry Gerth Barry Gerth.

Barry graduated in May of 2003. Barry hopes to go into the field of animation, special effects, and pyrotechnics. Barry was our resident video specialist although he also was enlisted to create interactive, online databases. In particular, he had created an interactive searchable syllabus database for the Department of Communication.

Barry Gerth can be reached at

John Hunt
John Hunt.

John worked through an independent program to hone his videography, web, and writing skills.  John worked with Human Resources after leaving LILT and has now graduated.


Ryan Herring  
Steve Hilgenberg

Steve is currently working on campus for the ITK Department.

Steve Hilgenberg can be reached at

steve's home page

Adam Hubbard

Adam works at State Farm as a Network Security Administrator.

Dong Jiang  
Ryan Klos Ryan Klos.

Ryan Klos is a graphic designer in the marketing department of McHenry County College.

Ryan can be reached at

Ram-Kiran Kota

Ram is working in the Chicago area as a programmer.


Krishna Krishnakumar

Krish is working at Claraview as a consultant in Virginia as of 2004.

Krish can be reached at

Nicolene Labuschagne

Nicolene joined LILT in the Spring 2007 semester. She is a Fine Arts major and is a staff graphic designers, html coder, and trainer.

Contact Nicolene Labuschange

Justin Last

Justin Last is working for Lockheed Martin Technical Operations at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO as a Satellite Systems Engineer. His responsibilities include web development, web programming, and PC programs development, and he says "LILT was a major force in helping me become successful and taught me a lot about technology, its uses, and how to work with the people who use it. Thanks, LILT!"

Also, check out a testimonial copied with permission from on 3-3-05

Joe Lorenzini

Joe joined us in Summer 2006 as a web designer and technical writer. Joe has become our resident CSS expert and is a master of delving into the unknown of webpage code.


Kam Lie

Kam is back from Seattle and lives in Naperville, IL as of 2003. As of 2006 Kam is working in Japan.


Julie (eisenbraun) Lindsay Julie Lindsay.

Julie is currently employed but seeking work in the graphics field. Look over her website and hire her.

Julie Lindsay can be reached at

julie's home page

Sashidar Maruvada

Lara is a web consultant and also a massage therapist (CMT, NMT) in Atlanta, GA.

Lara can be reached at

Lara's website is at:

Ravi Shankar Meduri

Ravi works on the ISU campus as a Specialist LAN Support II for Student Affairs.

Ravi can be reached at

Leykun Mehret  
Bemnet Mehret  
Tricia (messinger) Kane

Tricia is now Director of Corporate Web Systems at RR Donnelly in Downers Grove.

Tricia can be reached at

Melissa Miller

Missy is working as a technical editor with Technisource under contract with State Farm Corporate South in Bloomington, IL.


Michael Miller

Mike is currently working with XML team for State Farm Corporate South in Bloomington, IL


Vina Moris  
Rohit Naidu

Rohit is working in London for as a Marketing Executive for Timberland.

Jim Oltman Jim Oltman.

Jim graduated in May of 2003. Jim now works for Chestnut Health Systems in Bloomington, IL.

Jim Oltman can be reached at:

Buddy Pohlman

Buddy joined LILT in the Fall 2007 semester as an intern from the English Department where he is a Publishing major. He then joined us as a staff member as our resident technical writer. He graduated in May 2008.

Contact Buddy Pohlman

Elisha Procenti

Elisha graduated in December of 2005 and as of Spring 2006 she is working for Dynamic Graphics in Peoria Heights.

Elisha can be reached at:

Roxy Radulescu

Roxy is an art major who joined us as an intern for the Spring 2007 semester. She is doing a further internship in San Franciso.


Jordan Ready

Jordan joins us as an intern from the Department of English and brings with her a vast experience in publishing. She wants to hone her html and online publishing skills.


Josh Rogers

Josh is last known to be filming in Africa for the purpose of making interactive DVDs for a non-profit group.


Nazar Rizvi

It's only a dream come true for anyone to start working at a place like LILT where one gets the opportunity to learn from people like Sarah and Badri. If you are looking to improve your communication skills, Sarah is the person to turn to. She is a pro at that. Badri, on the other hand, will never cease to amaze you with his ocean of technical knowledge. Seriously speaking, working at LILT would be a definite learning experience and it was this knowledge that I gained at LILT that helped me secure a job. 99% of what I know now is all thanks to LILT.

Coming to the fun aspect of it all, I definitely recommend the gaming tournament which happens every semester. Not to mention, it is very hard to not laugh at the funny comments made by Badri plus the LATEST TECHNOLOGY. how can u live without that? :P

Though I am working elsewhere now, if only I had the opportunity to work at LILT again, I would give up any other job without a second thought.


Renee (rust) Duffy

My general career goals are to work in the wide world human services
hopefully in the genre of psychology. LILT gave me an amazing opportunity to explore the world outside the university when you all supported my independent study with a "large Midwestern insurance company" working with their Usability group.

Renee Duffy can be reached at

Michelle scannichio

Michelle is back from California and lives in Illinois as of 2002. She is currently a a lead QA Analyst and Project Manager for Don Johnston, Inc.


John Scott

John hails to us from the College of Fine Arts and has run his own web consulting firm since he was 16.  This semester at LILT John will be concentrating on web graphics.  His first project will be to revamp the Psychology Department site.


Richard Sebby Richard Sebby.

Rick Sebby graduated in December of 2003. He spent some time in the exciting technology world of banking but soon found that he needed something bigger and better. He has joined the Nuclear Navy and is located in Charleston, SC.Richard

Sebby can be reached at lightshade@sbcglobal.netrick's home page

Keely Siciliano

Keely joined CAS-IT: TAP in Summer 2008 as an intern from the Department of English.

Contact Keely Siciliano

Dylan Simonds

Dylan joined CAS-IT: TAP in the Spring 2007 semester and is the staff graphic designer, an html coder, and a trainer. He is a Graphic Design major.

Contact Dylan Simonds

Amanda Smith

Amanda joined LILT in Spring 2006 as a graphic artist and graduated in December of 2006. She is working in Peoria as a graphic artist.


Leeann stallman

Leeann graduated with a B.A. in English in December 2004. She currently works for TEKsystems, Inc. She is an Organizational Support Specialist at State Farm Corporate South Headquarters in Bloomington, IL.

She can be reached at:.

Mark Tiritilli

Mark is now teaching in Illinois.


Pablo Viedma  
Ruixin (anita) Wang Ruixin Wang.

As of 2004, Ruixin is working for and living in Seattle, WA She said, ".I just got a job and moved to Seattle. It's with I'm very excited about it. And my experience at LILT did help a lot."

Ruixin can be reached at

Marcus Washington Marcus Washington.

Marcus graduated and is now working in ASP.NET in Peoria.

Lara Weidenbach  
Owen Williams

Owen is currently the Director of Stevenson Computing Services at Illinois State University.

Owen can be reached at

Han Yu

Han hails to us from the Department of English. She is talented both in html and technical writing.