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Web Design & Support

CAS-IT: TAP is the one-stop shop for clients. One unique service aspect to CAS-IT: TAP is that we are vertically integrated in all aspects of web design and support.

CAS-IT: TAP works with faculty clients by providing web space, pre-built templates, and training for faculty to construct their personal websites.

CAS-IT: TAP works with organizational clients to develop their website by providing site development and support. We run the servers that house the website; set up the unique and dynamic permissions for different portions of the site; and create and support applications, such as a calender feed for department events, suveys and forms, and a faculty intranet. Moreover, we provide the training and support to maintain the site. When there is a question or a problem, we quickly analyze the client's web site for improvements and solutions.

We work with the following types of clients on the development of their sites:

  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Departments
  • Organizations
  • Faculty
  • Grants
  • Special Projects
  • Specialty sites

Check out our web design process and custom applications to see if our services will fit your needs.