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Web Statistics

Departments and organizations can request an automated statistic generator be created for their website. CAS-IT: TAP utilizes a system called AWStats.
Each night web logs are analyzed and the information is added to a database.

Click here for more details on the statistics for the following sites:

AW stats provides the following information:

  • Unique visitors
  • Number of visits
  • Pages viewed
  • Hits
  • Bandwidth

The information is displayed in the following ways:

  • Monthly
  • Days of the Month
  • Days of the Week
  • Hours of the Day

AW states also provides additional information:

  • Domains and Countries of Visitors
  • Robots/Spiders
  • Duration of visits
  • File Types
  • URLs of pages that are most commonly visited (as well as full listing)
  • Operating systems of users
  • Browsers of users
  • Top referring sites
  • Top search key phrases
  • Top search keywords
  • Status codes

Note:Information identifiying individuals has been removed from this automated reporting feature. For this information, more detailed
path analyses, and other services, contact the CAS-IT: TAP Administrator.