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Custom App Systems

In order to serve the needs of our clients, CAS-IT: TAP creates many custom application systems. These applications run the gamut from simple web interface forms to fully integrated databased systems with custom reports.

Generally, a project request for a custom application emerges from a website project, departmental meeting, or program request.

  1. Initially, CAS-IT: TAP conducts a needs analyses, looking for systems or products that will fulfill this need. Often times in a large organization such as a university there is an available system but the client may not be familiar with its applicability.
  2. If a custom application is needed we perform an audience analysis to determine how many people would use the application and to ensure that the application reaches as wide an audience as possible.
  3. Next, a project timeline is drafted and a project team is a assembled. In some cases, extra programmers or developers may need to be brought in.
  4. A pilot system is created and tested.
  5. Once the system goes live, a support team and service agreement is put into place.

Some examples of custom applications:

  • Online grade system
  • CAS Budget Request System
  • Psychology Department Research Sign-up System
  • Seven Campaign for Wellness Wellness Event Sign-up System
  • Mathematics Annual Report System
  • CAS Intranet