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Media Streaming

Besides delivering textual web content, CAS-IT: TAP also provides media streaming services. Media streaming can include both
audio and video files via a Windows Media Streaming system. A stream allows a file to start playing from a server without a client having to
download a file. It is most commonly used with large video files.

We support the following file formats: wmv and mp3.

To utilize this service a client must do the following:

  1. Request permissions for a folder on the streaming server from the CAS-IT: TAP administrator.
  2. Format the file into a .wmv or .mp3 format.
  3. Upload the file to the folder.
  4. Place a link on the website to that file (for example - mms://

For users to access these files they must do the following:

  • Click on the link to the file.
  • The file then opens in media streaming software, such as Windows Media Player.
  • The file will start to play automatically (without the entire file downloading)
  • There may be delays due to file buffering.

A user or client can download Windows Media Player for free from Microsoft.