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Online Grades:

CAS-IT: TAP exists to serve all the technological needs of the faculty members. One of those needs is an application that can be used to post student grades online. This application requires both an ease of use and a need for security. Since the majority of faculty members keep their grades in Excel, we initially created a custom secure folder in which they could drag-n-drop their Excel gradebook. This system, however, proved to be so popular (but took to long to fill requests) that we have developed a new web-based system that is just as secure, easier than the original, and empowers faculty to manage their own classes.

To utilize this new system a faculty member must do the following:

  1. The faculty member makes a request to be added to the system. Contact the CAS-IT: TAP administrators for this.
  2. Once added to the system, login to the College Information System with a ulid and password.
  3. The courses that you teach are automatically imported to this system each semester.
  4. Format an Excel gradesheet according to the helpsheet (an example sheet is provided for you to use).
  5. Upload the Excel file.
  6. This creates a link at the bottom of the web page.
  7. Send this link the students via email or post it on a website.
  8. Some departments will also automatically have a listing of this grade link both under their course listings page and under a faculty profile (this isoptional per department)

A student’s experience with the grade system is as follows:

Check out our helpsheet page on how to set up online grades.

Note: We have added the ability for faculty to post a syllabus or a link to a syllabus.