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This portfolio is a gallery of web projects that CAS-IT: TAP has designed for departments and organizations at Illinois State University. In it you will find before and after pictures of sites as well as some ideas for site templates and other projects. At CAS-IT: TAP we develop and host web sites for colleges, departments, schools, organizations, and faculty within the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and College of Business (COB). We have also contracted our web design services to colleges outside CAS and the COB.

CAS-IT: TAP currently hosts over 600 websites. For more details on these projects, feel free to contact the CAS-IT: TAP Director.

Before and After

The following screen caps are of websites that CAS-IT: TAP has redesigned. The screen cap in the Before column shows the original version of the site and the cap in the After section shows the redesigned version. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Before After Description

Chemistry Department


College of Arts & Sciences


MBA Program


Languages, Literatures, and Cultures




Programs of Excellence: Biomath


Programs of Excellence: Nanotechnology


Programs of Excellence: Energy Science


Expanding Your Horizons


Seven Campaign


Wellness Event SIgnup

no pre-existing site  



Mind Project



Before - ISLQ After - ISLP

The Illinois State School Law Quarterly

The Illinois State School Law Quarterly is a forum for practitioners and teachers of the law to exchange ideas and theories on various legal issues. ISLQ requested that we redesign their site to better illustrate the nature and purpose of this content.

Originally this site was constructed from tables and a fragmented, broken navigational structure. Our redesign includes a consistent horizontal navigation, monitor resolution independence (it fits on any monitor regardless of size). With its clean, simple and powerful three column layout it is both aesthetically pleasing and easy for the user to navigate and access any information they may be looking for.

Before - IATE After - IATE

The Illinois Association of Teachers

Before - Philosophy After - Philosophy

Department of Philosophy at Illinois State University

Before - Grapevine After - Grapevine