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Help Sheets

Quick Tips For Web Accessibility

Accessibility Web Quick Tips (doc)

Maintaining organizational Websites

DreamWeaver - Using the eStoryboard (Windows) (doc)

DreamWeaver - Using the eStoryboard (Mac) (doc)

Contribute (Win) (doc)

Contribute (Mac) (doc)

Maintaining faculty Websites

Expression Web basic usage guide (Win only) (doc)

Frontpage to Expression manual from Microsoft (Win only) (doc)

DreamWeaver (Win) (doc)

DreamWeaver (Mac) (doc)

Contribute (Win) (doc)

Contribute (Mac) (doc)

Class Apps Select Survey

How to set up a Class Apps Select Survey


Click here for a poorly organized overall list of helpful Sharepoint help points.

Secure Posting of grades online

Post grades online (doc)

Office Web Apps - Excel