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Select Survey at CAS-IT: TAP

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Due to the popularity of this product, we have added a montly hands-on training session. All sessions will be held in STV 107 and last about an hour. There is limited seating so you MUST sign up via the CTLT Event Registration system (This is now found under the Employee tab under )

(note: not available to students)

CAS-IT: TAP supports the College or Arts & Sciences and College of Business with Select Survey. It is our running policy that we will offer this service for use outside of our contracted Colleges unless it becomes a personnel support burden. (Note: Other areas of campus may be running Select Survey but not the same version)

Address of Select Survey that we support:

Other installs on campus: (list last updated on 4-5-12)


Before you get started

STATS CONSULTING CENTER:  Before you set up your instrument, you may want to utilize the services of the Stats Consulting Center on campus.  This is a good way to make sure you are measuring what you intend to.  They also have some services to help you in the analyses of your data.  Here is their website:

IRB:  There is a section in the help sheet that specifically covers IRB settings needed in your survey.  Make sure you have IRB approval for all the required surveys before you deploy them.  For IRB questions check out the Research and Sponsored Programs website.

PROGRAM ASSESSMENT: If you are looking at program assessment, please contact the University Assessment Office. They offer the service of consulting, designing, creating, implementing, and evaluating your assessments. They also ensure that the assessments fit into both your accreditation, program reviews, and more.

BLACKOUT DATES: CAS-IT uses the second Friday of each month, begining at 7pm, to complete server maintenance. Select Survey may be unavailable during our maintenance windows. Maintenance window details are posted to There are also some large university-wide studies that are done yearly during which you will want to avoid sending out surveys to the same participants.

  • NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement): This survey is usually sent out during the first week of February each year. The participants are first year freshman and graduating seniors.
  • BIO 101 End of Semester Study: At the end of each semester during finals week, Biology 101 conducts research studies with their students which is the entire freshman class.
  • BREAKS: It is a good idea to avoid surveying ISU personnel or students during spring break, fall break, and winter holiday break.

Tools to Creating Surveys


Below is a help sheet that has some sample code that you can copy and paste into your survey.  This help sheet is pretty long so it is not recommended to print it out. Go ahead and do Step One of the Handout and email the CAS-IT: TAP Administrators. in order to set up your access level to CREATE surveys.


Here are some helpsheets:

Piping (docx)

Page Conditions (docx)

Emailing your survey requests

SAMPLE EMAIL:  Here is a sample email.  I think it is easier to look at an example and tweak it than to come up with one from scratch.  Make sure you completely delete the example link address and place your new address into its own paragraph.  Some email clients do not support html and can try to break this link up into multiple lines.  If it is on its own line (and paragraph) there is less of a chance for error. Click here to view a sample email.

SENDING MASS EMAIL OUT:  Details for requesting a mass email to a campus population can be found at Please submit your request at least a week before you want the email sent.  You are responsible for writing your email and testing the functionality of the links within the email.

SAMPLE WEB PAGES FOR INFORMED CONSENT: Generally you will want participants to agree to the informed consent form BEFORE going to the survey. You may also want to have a cancel page that a participant would go to if they hit the CANCEL button during the survey. You might also want to have a debriefing page to link to after they complete the survey. Some folks even want to link to a separate form page or second survey for participants to send an email to sign up for prizes or to have their email removed from a reminder list (so they are not identified in the actual survey). Below are some sample pages that might help give you a place to start in the creation of some of your forms.

Review and Support

REVIEW:  Remember that you can always contact the Stats Consulting Group with help in the design of your instrument. They do not have direct access to the survey system but we can arrange for access.

SUPPORT:  Submit a help request ticket at if you experience any issues with Select Survey. Please include the exact TITLE of the survey when contacting us. 

TRAINING: Group training sessions are scheduled through CTLT on this page:


The administrators of the program cannot look up surveys by owner. Instead, they can only look up surveys by title. Also, if for some reason you delete your survey and need it restored, it can only be restored by title. This means that you will want to have an identifiable title such as one that starts with your department abbreviation. Avoid using generic names such as "Assessment" or "Program Feedback" since it is very difficult to find ownership of similarly named items. Make a note of your title before contacting the admins for support.


Access to Uploaded files

One of the more recent features to be added to Select Survey is the ability for participants to attach files to a survey. Please indicate FILE SYSTEM for the upload. Unfortunately for the owner of the survey, there is no export feature or access to the folder which holds these files. The way that an owner can download these is by looking at individual responses. This is very cumbersome. We have found a slight workaround while we wait for improvements. If you export your data, at the very bottom of the page you can check a box to show the hidden field of Survey ID. If you email the Select Survey Administrator this ID, she can send you your files via a network share. We hope this is a temporary solution and will not be needed as upgrades to the system occur.

Student Access to Select Survey

Select Survey is designed to be supported for faculty and administrative use only. Should you want to request that your students have access to create surveys or have owner access to your survey, you will have to take responsibility for them and provide them all of the support necessary. Once again, we will continue to offer this service to faculty for their students unless it becomes a personnel burden. Note: requesting access does not guarantee access.

Before you fill out the form:

  • make sure you know how to use the system so that you can support the student
  • make sure the student has logged in and out of the system so that they have an account

Once the student is set up to use the system:

  • make sure you oversee that the student is not using the system for projects other than those for which you have sponsored them
  • make sure your ulid is listed as the admin email (this is different than an email that can be set on the confirmation page)
  • make sure your ulid is listed as the first owner (separate ulids by a semicolon but NO SPACES)
  • delete the surveys after the project is over

Request to sponsor a student: Form to request to sponsor a student to use Select Survey