Select Survey

We may have to upgrade the select survey system. Please refer to the CAS-IT: TAP homepage for upgrade schedules and notifications. It is
the client's responsibility to schedule surveys to work around these downtimes.

  • CAS-IT: TAP supports faculty, administration, and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business. We are open to allowing
    access to Select Survey by other faculty, administration, and staff not normally supported by CAS-IT: TAP as long as the additional clients do not burden staff time.
  • Training on creating a good design instrument should be directed towards the Statistical Consulting Center. CAS-IT: TAP only
    offers access to the system. Good design, reliability, and validity are the responsibility of the survey creator.
  • CAS-IT: TAP does not provide access to the system to students. Special access can be granted to students conducting research as long as
    they have a faculty sponsor who is trained to provide support for the Select Survey to the student.
  • All email used to contact participants must abide by the ISU Mass Email policy. Email should be generated through the ISU email services from CISS. Please make sure you have several weeks of lead time and notification to mail services of your mailing.
  • All IRB rules still apply while using this system.
  • Although the system does perform an automatic overview of the statistical analyses, the information may still contain caching errors. It is recommended that the raw data be exported and an analysis be conducted with SPSS or another statistical analysis tool. All analyses are the responsibility of the survey creator.