The CAS-IT: TAP server provides storage for the faculty and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences and College of Business. Data stored on CAS-IT: TAP servers must be university-related and conform to all applicable university, local, state, and federal policies and laws. Regular backups and virus scans are performed on this server. Any file infected with a virus will be deleted. Data that ordinarily would not be stored on CAS-IT: TAP servers include the following:

• Individual files larger than one gigabyte
• System, program, and temporary files
• Large files to be modified directly from the server (e.g. audio or video)
• Data stored on other servers (e.g. university mail or calendaring data)
• Software
• Disc Images (e.g. CDs or DVDs)
• User/Home/Profile folders (including application, temporary, or registry

Please contact the CAS-IT: TAP Administrators regarding exceptions to this policy.