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Announcements & alerts

There are times when CAS-IT: TAP needs to conduct upgrades on equipment or software or simply when unexpected things happen. We will attempt to notify all of those affected by making postings on the CAS-IT: TAP homepage as well as having the information sent out via the CAS-IT Director. In some cases postings will also be made on the ISU alerts page.

  • Planned Outage
    • All members of the Server team and the CASIT Director will be notified on major changes to the Servers
    • Planned Outages must be made atleast two weeks in advance, so as to give users to plan for an outage
    • Server Team/CASIT Director will make a best effort to notify all affected users in a prompt manner
  • Unplanned Outage
    • The Server Team will have a on-call person at all times.
    • On-Call person will notify Server Team members of outage, and take steps to remidy the issues
    • Server Team will notify CASIT-Director as soon as possible during work hours
    • Server Team/CASIT Director will make a best effort to notify all affected users in a prompt manne