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   Earth's Dynamic Weather, Geo211, a New Course for Outer Core General Education. This was first taught in Spring 2000. The course employs WebCT for the delivery of lecture material and self tests. Most of the lecture material is drawn from the text: Ahrens, 6th ed., Meteorology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment.

The content material is built around 20 modules. The first four modules provide a geographic and climatological background for the study of weather. The first module examines the nature of our spherical Earth and the representation of that Earth on flat maps. The second module focuses on a temperature climatology of Earth, while the third examines precipitation climatology. The heart of these two modules are the series of monthly maps from the FAO. The fourth module gives an image of the weather of the world using the SSEC Composite Satellite Images from the University of Wisconsin. The subsequent modules are based on the text.

To give you a feeling for the nature of the WebCT material, three of about 150 pages are included here.

Building the introduction to the study of weather is my research focus. For years I have worked in map use and this effort is an opportunity to apply what I think I know about the use of maps. I argue that if students do not have a good concept of our spherical Earth then they are at a disadvantage in studying how weather plays out on the sphere.

I invite colleagues and students to share ideas about map use and the teaching of the atmospheric sciences.