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Subject: Caldwell, Earl. BLACK AMERICAN WITNESS (new book notice)

Fri Apr 28 08:48:36 1995
From:  lionhous@cais.com
Subject: Caldwell, Earl. BLACK AMERICAN WITNESS (new book notice)


i need your help.  please forgive me if i fail to observe any net
protocol,  but i'm new at this.

we are a new african american publishing house, whose first release
"Black American Witness: Reports From The Front," by Earl Caldwell, is
encountering the industry's traditional resistance to new, small and minority
publishiing houses. 

we also believe that some of the resistance has to do with the
controversial contents of the book.  a book flyer i'm sending along should
help explain the nature of the controversey. 
the book has met with tremendous reception among black book store
owners and  educators generally. it is our hope to bring the book to the
attention of groups referenced in the book who are represented on the
in addition, the author and I would be available to answer questions
posted to my e-mail address.  As the flyer indicates, Earl Caldwell has a
unique first-hand account of many of the seminal events in contemporary
African American history.  he also has chronicled the leading domestic and
international human rights stories of his time.

I could respond to questions concerning my background, and what I
believe to be the essential need for African Americans to acquire more of the
power to interpret within the institution of the mass media.

i would be very grateful for any ideas you have about how this
information could be brought to the attention of other groups referenced on
the internet, who happen to be represented on the internet. thanks. take care
and be well.  kenneth walker, pubisher
NEWS MATTER                                   URGENT RELEASE

                           LION HOUSE PUBLISHING
                         1119 STAPLES STREET N.E.,
                          WASHINGTON, D.C., 20002
              TELEPHONE 202-388-5532 TELECOPIER 202-388-5532



     "Black American Witness: Reports From The Front," By Earl Caldwell, is
the most controversial book in 1995 -- a must read for students and scholars
of history and anyone with an interest in America's future.

     Earl Caldwell, while a reporter for The New York Times, was the only
journalist to witness the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Mr.
Caldwell actually saw the man most likely to have slain the civil rights
leader, and it was not James Earl Ray.  "Black American Witness" contains the
best clue to the identities of persons who appear to have been involved in
ordering Dr. King's assassination.

     Earl Caldwell was also the central figure in an unprecedented landmark
U.S. Supreme Court case that began when J. Edgar Hoover's FBI first requested,
then demanded that the reporter serve as a bureau spy on leaders of the Black
Panther Party.  His adamant refusal led to a grand jury subpoena demanding his
testimony, notes and recordings.  A closely divided  court ruled against the
press;  But the decision led to the enactment in 27 states of so-called shield
laws intended to safeguard reporters' rights to protect confidential sources.

     After reporting on these momentous events, Earl Caldwell went on to
compile the most comprehensive record yet of how American  cities, children,
labor unions, politics and race relations got to where they are today.
Chapters include examinations of the relationship between policies and
populations in Africa and America, as well as one on the volatile relations
between Blacks and Jews.  


KENNETH WALKER  began his journalism career in 1968 at the Washington Star
newspaper, where he worked for 13 years.  While there, he served in many
positions, including foreign correspondent based in South  Africa, Chief
Justice Department Correspondent, and assignments at the White House and
Supreme Court.

When The Star folded in 1981, Mr. Walker joined the ABC News Bureau in
Washington as a political correspondent.  He later served as Chief Justice
Department Correspondent, a White House Correspondent, and the Principal
correspondent for the first "Nightline" broadcasts from South Africa.

Upon leaving ABC News, Mr. Walker became an anchor for the nationally
syndicated television broadcast, "USA Today, The Television Show."

Mr. Walker has served as co-anchor for the 1992 Public Broadcasting System's
presidential election night coverage, and has been an anchor for the CBS News
program, "Nightwatch."

Mr. Walker's broadcast clients include Fox TV, Time Warner Television, King
World Distributors, Black Entertainment Television and Whittle Communications.

Mr. Walker also has served as a newspaper columnist.  His columns have
appeared, among other publications, in USA Today, The New York Daily News, The
Christian Science Monitor, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Baltimore Sun, The
Washington Times and Black Enterprise and Essence Magazines.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1985 awarded Mr.
Walker's "Nightline" reports from South Africa, an Emmy for Outstanding
Analysis of a Current News Story.  The broadcasts became one of the most
honored series of news reports in the history of U.S. television journalism,
earning, among other awards, the first Gold Baton DuPont Award from Columbia
University.  He was also named in 1985, Journalist of the Year, by the
National Association of Black Journalists.  Mr. Walker also has received an
Image Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored

Mr. Walker has been a Yale University Pointer Lecturer, and a Teaching Fellow
at Harvard University's Institute of Politics. He is member of the board of
the Thurgood Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund.

>From 1992, until 1994, , Mr. Walker has served as a media advisor to the top
officials of several African and Caribbean governments, including Gabon,
Cameroon, Nigeria, Haiti's President Jean Bertrand Aristide, Antigua and Sao
Tome Principe.

Mr. Walker currently is the owner and operator of Lion House Publishing, 
which is engaged in the publication on non-fiction books about Africans,
wherever they are.