Health Care in America: Summarizing the data

Due Thursday February 24

Examples of citations../handouts/health care citations.docx

The assignment is to write an analysis of health care in the United States using 6 tables and charts from labs 1-8.
(note this may involve more than one charts or table from a single lab, the total should be 6 or more). 

  • Complete labs 1-8
  • Copy the charts from Labs 2-8 to a Word file  (To copy charts to Word, highlight the chart and use: Paste | Paste as Picture | Copy as picture* and paste the picture to the beginning of the Word file)
  • Copy an image of the TABLE (lab1).
  • Note that this is difficult if you have not already sized your charts to make them a small as possible without losing any of the information contained in the chart.
  • Write 1000 word summary of the data 

    Background Research:
    Elizabeth Docteur and Robert A. Berenson, How Does the Quality of U.S. Health Care Compare Internationally?  August 2009

    Kaiser Family Foundation |
    Public Agenda: overview & some charts | Historical timeline | NPR audio

Note on grading: part on the quality of the charts, part on the preciseness and quality of the interpretation of the data:


  • Begin the paper with a general summary of the American Health Care system as it exists before the implementation of "Obama Care"  Include a quotations from both a defender and opponent of health care reform. 
  • Write about the data and what the data mean --do not write about the chart.  Do not make "The chart" or "The figure" the subject of your sentences.  A good chart does not need to be explained in the text. 
  • Make your charts as small as possible, still allow for easy reading of the text. 
  • Make sure you don't lose any text boxes when you copy the chart -- this happens when you did not click on the chart before inserting the text-box. 
  • Put your name and email address at the top of the first page. 
  • Save your word document with your lastname as part of the filename: e,g, KlassHW3.docx
  • To save it in the share-folder from a university computer, got to "My Computer" or in the new Windows, "Computer", and map a network drive using this address:


Health Insurance Historical Tables

*  in Office 2010 do this by using Home | Copy --copy as a picture