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  Spring, 2002

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2003 APSA Meeting Call for Papers

Tracey Gladstone-Sovell, Division 40 chair


In the relatively short period of time that information technology has been available, it has become generally accepted that IT has had a significant and widespread influence on the political process. At the same time, there is no consensus regarding the broad impact of IT on the understanding and practice of democratic politics. In conjunction with the conference theme, "Facing Forward and Looking Back: Democracy and Justice in a Century of Change," the Information Technology and Politics (ITP) section welcomes paper, panel, short-course, roundtable, and poster-session proposals that contribute to our understanding of the ways in which information technology has enhanced, inhibited and/or fundamentally altered our understandings of democracy, justice and politics.

In addition to proposals directly tied to the conference theme, we also anticipate presentations on innovative instructional and scholarly applications of IT. Especially encouraged are systematic analyses of the effects of using IT to teach political science, and on the profession, the scholarly community, scholarly communication, and publishing.

Demonstrations of innovative instructional applications, such as dedicated course web sites, are generally excellent candidates for poster sessions. Hands-on workshops to demonstrate innovative approaches to teaching, data collection, dissemination or analysis, are highly appropriate candidates for short courses. Furthermore, we encourage presenters to make appropriate use of IT in their presentations.