Information Technology and Politics


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Fall, 2001

Information Technology and International Conflict Resolution     
Chip Hauss and Joel Peters 

Spring, 2001

Virtual Teaching Assistant
Derek S. Reveron,

Fall, 2000

Where Do We Want to Go Now? Information Technology, On-Line Experimentation, and the Social Sciences
Kent E. Portney

Summary Statistics of Internet usage in Campaign '98
Eric Loeb

Assessing the Internet’s Impact on Teaching and Research at a Jesuit University
Frank J. Smist, jr. and
Zachary M. Stolz

Reports, Reviews

Spring, 2001

Michael Margolis and David Resnick, Politics as Usual: The “Cyberspace Revolution”
  Reviewed by Kent E. Portney,

Mark Thatcher, The Politics of Telecommunications: National Institutions, Convergence, and Change
  Reviewed by Lori A. Brainard

Fall, 2000

Can Technology Enhance Democracy? The Doubters' Answer
Philip Howard

Distance education circa 360 B.C.
Gary Klass

Software Review: JMP, V. 4.02,
Micah Altman
Chip Hauss


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