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A really cool redbird!

When you logon to and click on the “gmklass (my office compyter)” terminal session link we made, you will be prompted to install Juniper Networks.  This is a trusted java applet that is required for this to work, so just click OK, or YES, or Always Trust (positive answers) to any prompts that come up to allow it to install properly.

Last email I promise:

When you are all done, I forgot to mention that you should just close the remote window.  You don’t have to do a start->log off or anything like that, if you just close the remote window it will ask if you want to disconnect and just say yes or click ok.  Then when you want to remote back in, just do it the same way as before.  This will leave the office computer running with you logged on and ready to go (this is how I like to use it).


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